Don't be dirty be twisted


I started making laundry detergent in 2012. My daughter was getting rashes and I was trying to eleminate any possible triggers. I got more than I hoped for. Our clothes were cleaner. I was not expecting that.

Unfortunately, the rashes still showed up occassionally. I decided to start looking at other possible triggers in the house. Body products seemed like the next step. She still gets the occassional rash, but it's usually after going to someone's house.

Company History

Fast forward to 2015. It was time to share my love of natural products. Twisted Okie's etsy site was launched in November of 2015. In spring of 2016, Twisted Okie started touring craft shows in Oklahoma. We are just getting started and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Oklahoma born and raised. Summers at church camp and weeks with family that lived out in the "country", riding horses and mowing grandpa's acerage with that riding lawn mower. I never even realized I was "working". But, really, I grew up in the "city", Oklahoma City. My friends and I still caught tadpoles in the creek that ran through our neighborhood. Dad taught me how to change my oil and mom taught me how to pray. My sisters taught me how to fight back.

Grown up life happened way before I was really grown up. Still not sure I am! I married my best friend in 1998 and we have the two best kids any parents could ever hope for.

A lot of my hobbies come from my friends. They drag me to knitting classes, or start pinning soap recipes. Funny thing is, I'm the one that ends up being addicted to these "hobbies" that take time, money, and space. Lots of space!

Well, I never did pick up quilting, although they did take me to that sewing class. I'll leave that to the more talented folks in my circle.

Life goes by so fast. I'm really doing all I can to slow it down. the chickens out back encourage me to spend more time on the back porch. Sitting and reading, listening to the birds and watching the chickens peck. There's something relaxing and even comforting in it.

By day, I work in technology. I even built this website, with the help of a great bootstrap theme and some customization on my part. Not too bad for my first solo project...(okay, so hubby set up the backend, network stuff that I don't really care to understand).

The Twisted Okie